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What We Do

BioAdvance Prosthetic Solutions, PLLC offers a full custom socket design coupled with advanced technology. We specialize in upper and lower extremity socket design. Our goal is to provide comfort and function in order to improve freedom and independence. The design of a prosthesis is a team approach between the prosthetist and patient.

Scott is skilled in fitting complex cases. The complexity of a patient is based on the condition, size, and shape of the residual limb; or may also be related to activity level, length of time on one prosthesis, or length of time as an amputee.

The design and fabrication of a prosthesis is a custom process. The amount of time required to make a prosthesis varies depending on each individual patient. The average time required is one to two weeks.

A detailed evaluation is required for each patient to determine his or her individual needs. The evaluation is free of charge and can take on average two to three hours. The evaluation can be done in the office, or via phone or webcast. This is especially helpful for patients who do not live locally, or those with significant time constraints.

Below we have listed some of the technology that we have been trained and certified to provide.

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