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Our Unique Process

Our goal at BioAdvance Prosthetic Solutions is to get you back to life as quickly as possible.  The first step in building a new prosthesis is obtaining insurance approval. The process to obtain insurance approval can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.  One way the patient can help expedite this process is by obtaining and bringing two important documents to their first appointment: a written prescription from the doctor and a copy of the doctor’s chart note documenting the need for a new prosthesis. If the doctor has any questions regarding what is needed they may contact our office.

The first visit with us will be the evaluation appointment. There is no cost or obligation associated with this visit and it will normally take two to three hours. At this visit we learn more about the patient and their lifestyle in order to build a prosthesis that will best restore function and quality of life.  After the evaluation appointment, and upon approval from the insurance company we will begin the fabrication of the new prosthesis.

The second visit will consist of taking an impression of the residual limb. This visit on average will take about one hour. It is recommended to wear or bring shorts to this visit and all future visits to allow easy access to the residual limb. The residual limb will be wrapped in plaster in order to capture the size and shape of the limb.

The next visit consists of the first diagnostic test socket fitting. The test socket is made of clear plastic that is easy to manipulate with heat. On average two test sockets are required, however, there may be times when more are needed especially if the patient has a difficult to fit residual limb. The test socket will allow the patient to bear weight and possibly walk, however it is not strong enough for long term use and cannot be taken home. The fit and comfort of the socket should improve with each diagnostic test socket.

Once the fit of the diagnostic test socket and the alignment are correct, the socket is now ready to finish.  The diagnostic test socket will be transferred to a lighter and stronger fiberglass or carbon socket. This process will normally take one or two days. Once the transfer is completed, we will schedule you for the final fitting where you will be instructed on the proper use and care of the prosthesis.

We have a history of seeing patients outside of the state as well as outside the country. If a patient is traveling to our facility and requires lodging while being fit for the prosthesis, we will fabricate the prosthesis as quickly as possible without compromising quality. However, the patient must be available during all operational hours of the facility.